Intense beginning of the season in Formula Medicine

The beginning of the 2016 season was very intense for Formula Medicine, who had the usual presence of the drivers Kevin Ceccon, Riccardo Agostini, Dario Orsini and Salvatore De Plano. Furthermore, Michele Beretta and Andrea Piccini, that will participate in the GT3 Championship, Santino Ferrucci, at his debut in GP3, Alessio Lorandi, who will fight […]

De Plano on the podium at Dijon

Salvatore De Plano, after the fourth places obtained in Brno at the debut in the category, won the third place of the podium in the last race of Boss GP. For Salvatore, who steadily training in Formula Medicine, is an encouraging result for the upcoming events.  

Busy week in Formula Medicine

A particularly intense training week is coming to an end in Formula Medicine. We had the usual presence of the drivers Charles Leclerc and Nabil Jeffri, engaged in the F3 European championship, Salvatore De Plano, engaged in the tests with a Dallara GP2 category, and Riccardo Agostini, who is preparing himself to defend the leadership […]

Formula Medicine takes forward the technological development

Salvatore De Plano has just concluded with very satisfactory results a session of three days of testing at the circuit of Adria, driving a Grand Prix car. For Formula Medicine this has been an opportunity to continue the testing phase of the instruments that monitor in real time the different body parameters, including electrocardiogram, heart […]

Formula Medicine continues its long lasting scientific research

In these days Salvatore De Plano is doing three days of test with an Auto Gp car. For Formula Medicine, that is training Salvatore since many years, is the perfect chance to collect data and set up a special belt able to record many body parameters.