“Speedy” Gonzalez in the top ten in Sonoma

The Venezuelan Rodolfo Gonzalez, with experience in 2013 in Formula 1 with Team Marussia,  finished ninth in the Granprix of Sonoma in California, which was the last race of the IndyCar Series. Rodolfo “Speedy” Gonzalez, who has been coming to Formula Medicine to prepare himself since 2008, despite limited budget and technical resources not equal […]

Intensive week in Formula Medicine

A particularly busy week in Formula Medicine is coming to an end. In these days we had the drivers Charles Leclerc and Michele Beretta, engaged in the F3 European Championship, Rodolfo Gonzalez, who is preparing himself for the Indy race in Mid-Ohio, Nicolas Jamin who is also involved oversea but in the Indy Light Championship, […]

Rodolfo Gonzalez in FM

The Venezuelan driver Rodolfo Gonzalez spent two weeks of intense training in Formula Medicine to get ready for the next Formula Indy race that will take place on the circuit of Mid-Ohio on August 3rd. Here is his message before leaving: ” Formula Medicine is the most complete training I have experienced… ”

Kayak Training

Thanks to the geography position of our headquarters, and to the favourable weather condition, this morning the Staff of Formula Medicine organized a kayak training session on the lake for Thiago Vivacqua, Rodolfo Gonzalez and Roy Nissany. Apart from being a tough aerobic training they also had fun.