Important findings for Formula Medicine

In his nearly thirty-years history, Formula Medicine activities, both in the headquarters and on the circuits, has been the subject of numerous reports and services by newspapers and televisions from the 5 continents. However, during the past months, the attention of the mass media towards the clinic of Viareggio has grown a lot, thanks to […]

Hayden Paddon in Formula Medicine

Only three days after his second place at the Swedish Rally, the Hyundai factory driver from New Zealand is back in Formula Medicine for his periodic mental and athletic check-up. During these days, a specific mental and physical training program has been done. From the mental point of view, was realized intense sessions of exercises […]

Intense beginning of the season in Formula Medicine

The beginning of the 2016 season was very intense for Formula Medicine, who had the usual presence of the drivers Kevin Ceccon, Riccardo Agostini, Dario Orsini and Salvatore De Plano. Furthermore, Michele Beretta and Andrea Piccini, that will participate in the GT3 Championship, Santino Ferrucci, at his debut in GP3, Alessio Lorandi, who will fight […]

RAI guest in Formula Medicine

Recently, another television network was our guest as it happened lately with other broadcasting stations and newspapers, attracted by the innovation that Formula Medicine developed for the psycho-physical of the drivers. After the BBC, L’Equipe, Canal F.1 Latin America, the Swedish and the Indonesian television, this week was back the RAI television. Their interest in […]

The Taylor again on the podium in Daytona

Even the 2016 edition of the 24h of Daytona, one of the hardest races of the USCC championship, Taylor brothers closed a second position, joined by Max Angelelli and the ex F1 driver Rubens Barrichello, assisted by the medical and physiotherapy staff of Formula Medicine. Because of a loss in the exhaust system inside the […]

Seasonal debut for Roaul Hyman in Formula Medicine

The young South African driver Raoul Hyman who just confirmed his participation in the European Formula 3 Championship, is back in Formula Medicine for his first check-up of the season. The staff of Formula Medicine, who is following him since 2013, has set up a functional training program based on energy expenditure management, aimed at […]

First stage of the year for BirelArt’s kart driver

Also this year, BirelArt’s kart driver are present in Formula Medicine. During this stage, the 7 young drivers Lucas Legeret, Rasmus Lindh, Rick Dreezen, Martijn van Leeuwen, Caio Collet, Ulysse De Pauw and Kiern Jewiss challenged with the new psycho-physical training techniques that Formula Medicine finished to developing in the last weeks. Formula Medicine’s staff […]

Ericsson tester of the new technologies made in Formula Medicine

After a good ending of the season, Marcus Ericsson is back in Formula Medicine with his trainer Alex Elgh, who is also member of the team directed by Dr. Ceccarelli. In this first meeting of the year, Marcus and Alex tested the new proprioceptive balance boards and the lights, which Formula Medicine just finished developing. […]

2015: When the team work gives great results

After the end of the Christmas holidays, it’s time to draw up the balance. 2015 has been a year full of commitments for the staff of Formula Medicine, which has increased his presence also in other areas, like Tennis, Sailing and Corporate. In Motorsport, which remains the main duty for the team directed by Dr. […]

Also Marchegiani and Iannarilli choose Formula Medicine

After Daniele Rugani and Andrea Favilli, young players of Juventus F.C. it was the turn of Gabriele Marchegiani and Antony Iannarilli, with their trainer Massimo Gazzoli, goalkeeper of Pistoiese F.C. They chose Formula Medicine to try the benefits of the Mental Economy Training®. For their stage, Formula Medicine’s staff had a Mental Training program based […]