Services at Headquarters

Formula Medicine Headquarters in Viareggio is unique in its kind. Equipped with 3 advanced areasmedical, mental and athletic – and with the daily presence of a multidisciplinary staff consisting of doctors, psychologists, physiotherapists, personal trainers, nutritionists and osteopaths, it offers a complete 360° service for individual well-being.

Medical Check-Ups

Prevention is modern medicine’s most effective weapon. Unfortunately, the hectic pace of daily life often prevents us from dedicating the necessary time to our health. For this reason, the Formula Medicine sports medicine centre offers complete medical check-ups, with the aim of eliminating the waiting times that are normally required for individual visits and the delivery of test results.

During the check-ups, the patient is personally supervised by a doctor-tutor, whose task is to facilitate communication between the patient and the various specialists, and then draw up a complete report of all the examinations carried out and, if necessary, the therapies to be undertaken. In the medical check-ups done at Formula Medicine’s headquarters, the patient has the exclusive attention of the medical personnel, who work in a relaxed and welcoming environment, in which there are no queues or waiting times.


The Medical department also includes the Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation unit, specialised in Functional Recovery Therapy (FRT), which aims at identifying the real cause of pathologies and resolving problems at their origin. 
Treatment involves mainly manual therapies and corrective/rehabilitative exercises to be done in the gym, which give lasting results and minimise the use of pharmaceutical drugs. Formula Medicine is one of the few physiotherapy centres in Italy that integrates a sophisticated anti-gravitational air-suspension treadmill (AlterG®) into its therapeutic pathways. This enables fast and effective rehabilitation of all pathologies that involve the lower limbs and deambulation in general, including those of neurological origin.

Athletic Training

Formula Medicine’s expert athletic trainers are dedicated to developing highly personalised training programmes, tailored to the needs and demands of the individual. Whatever the objective, be it sport-specific preparation at élite levels or general physical well-being, Formula Medicine’s athletic training programme contributes to the prevention of musculoskeletal disorders.

Mental Training

In over 30 years of activity at Formula 1 circuits, Formula Medicine has developed unique and innovative research projects, demonstrating that performance results on-track derive mainly from mental performance, rather than muscular performance.

From these studies, Mental Economy Training® was born, a new training programme that evaluates and improves mental functions. The goal is not just to increase mental performance, but also to reduce energy consumption – two characteristics that distinguish the best athletes in every sporting discipline, and which Formula Medicine, unique in this aspect, can objectify and analyse in an integrated manner through the use of its proprietary instruments, algorithms and methods.

At Formula Medicine’s headquarters in Viareggio, the world’s first Mental Economy Gym® was created, a unique structure entirely dedicated to mental training, where up to twenty people can simultaneously train all psychophysical skills. The variety of tests and training introduced by Mental Economy Training® allows athletes of all levels to improve abilities such as concentration and focused attention, and to face competition with a free mind and relaxed muscles, even in situations of maximum psychological pressure.