Formula Medicine is also “virtual” thanks to the news partnership with Monster Energy Yamaha MotoGP eSport

Doctor Ceccarelli’s facility will support rider Lorenzo Daretti in 2020.

Formula Medicine has established another prestigious synergy this year, becoming Official eSport Partner 2020 of Yamaha Motor Racing Srl.

Dr. Riccardo Ceccarelli’s company, already active in a wide range of sports disciplines with its specialist staff, advanced technology and research in the field of mental training, is now gearing up to also “explore” an unprecedented field – that of virtual motorsport.

Lorenzo Daretti training at Formula Medicine’s headquarters in Viareggio.

Thanks to this new partnership, Lorenzo Daretti, the Monster Energy Yamaha team’s MotoGP eSport rider, will be able to rely on Formula Medicine for his training, aimed to benefit his competitive commitment.

With the level of MotoGP eSport growing each year, this partnership will allow Daretti to work closely alongside the Formula Medicine specialists, completing the perfect preparation in his quest for the Championship Title.

Formula Medicine focuses on the physical and mental health of drivers and riders. In my opinion their support could be very important and interesting, because it can help me to manage emotions before races, keep my concentration high, and avoid distractions of all kinds that can have a negative influence on my performances,” commented Lorenzo Daretti. “I’m sure that our collaboration will bring important results, because we have many things in common, such as the passion for motorsport, the attention to detail and, above all, the determination to always improve. Formula Medicine will help me in fact to improve my potential in different aspects, in order to approach races in the best possible way. I feel very lucky to have this chance to work with the Formula Medicine specialists, the same ones who already have a great reputation in the world of MotoGP and Formula 1“.

Lorenzo Daretti [Monster Enerdy Yahama MotoGP driver] and Dr. Riccardo Ceccarelli [Formula Medicine’s founder].

For me personally and for all the Formula Medicine staff, the professional partnership with Yamaha is a source of great pride because it is further confirmation that our innovative Mental Economy Training®, developed by us through many years of experience on circuits, is considered fundamental also for high-level riders” added Dr. Riccardo Ceccarelli. “We are therefore strongly motivated to unite with Monster Energy Yamaha MotoGP in Lorenzo Daretti’s preparation, and he has already impressed us positively during our first tests. We have developed an extremely personalised optimisation programme for him to optimize the use of his psychophysical resources, including constant monitoring throughout the season. I would like to thank Yamaha for this opportunity in the world of eSports. It represents a new challenge for us, which we will face with the utmost determination!”