Mental Economy Training

The revolution in mental training and in psycho-physical well-being

From close study of Formula1 champions, Formula Medicine discovered the peculiarity that makes them special, in other words an extreme cerebral efficiency that allows them to perform difficult tasks with minimum mental energy expenditure, even in situations of great psychological pressure. Further studies have subsequently shown that this is the same efficiency which characterizes those who distinguish themselves not only in various sporting disciplines but also in working life.
From these considerations, Mental Economy Training® was born, a revolutionary training system for athletes and professionals, which is able to overthrow millenary concepts: “Corpore sano in mens sana”

Through a series of scientific studies carried out at Formula 1 circuits, Formula Medicine has shown that driver performance during a race depends mainly on mental performance, rather than on physical performance. Formula 1 drivers represent in fact, an extreme athletic model, in which optimal physical conditions must necessarily be associated with elevated mental efficiency, which in this case consists of a perfect mix of self-confidence, resistance and lucidity. After many investigations and research studies using Functional Magnetic Resonance, Formula Medicine demonstrated that professional drivers’ brains are able to produce high-level performance with much less activation than the average person’s brain, thus avoiding useless energy expenditure, even when subjected to very intense effort. This ability, defined as “Neural Efficiency”, is present not only in athletes but also in all those who excel in their working environment.

From these results, Formula Medicine developed Mental Economy Training®, a mental training method aimed at improving energy management during the execution of demanding tasks, through the use of cutting-edge technology. The fulcrum of the whole process is the improvement of self-awareness: self-confidence and mental flexibility allow us to deal with difficulties in a more efficient way, leading to perfect emotional control in all conditions and situations.

The innovation that makes Mental Economy Training® unique in the international panorama is the ability to objectively integrate mental performance and energy expenditure. Software, hardware and analysis algorithms specifically developed over the years by Formula Medicine, allow us to investigate a multiplicity of mental attitudes including concentration, focused attention, relaxation and adaptation skills, strategic and decision-making skills, responsiveness, coordination and more.

Various intervention methods enable the creation of personalised programmes for the improvement of neural efficiency, which in turn is objectively confirmed through the improvement of performance and simultaneous reduction in waste of psychophysical energies.

Mental Economy Training for sport and work

Today, Mental Economy Training® has become an authentic training model, successfully applied not only in Motorsport but in a variety of sporting disciplines which require elevated mental skills, not only in terms of safety and concentration but also specific psychophysical qualities such as neuromuscular coordination. Talent, in fact, is a necessary quality but is no longer sufficient in the sports world because mental and athletic preparation have assumed equally fundamental roles.
Formula Medicine has been providing Mental Economy Training® programmes for years for athletes of all ages and competitive levels, not only in Motorsport but also in many other disciplines, such as football, tennis, skiing, pistol shooting, horse riding, skating, sailing and cycling.

From the experience gained in the world of high-level sport, Formula Medicine has developed a new, specific Mental Economy Training® programme dedicated to companies and business professionals. In the world of work, in fact, it is important to know how to manage one’s energies, to avoid unnecessary stress and anxiety, and to optimise the available mental resources. Mental Economy Training®programmes, all highly personalised, help the professional to understand himself better, to know his own strengths and limits, and how to overcome the latter to reach that state of psychophysical well-being which is necessary for improving working performance and the corporate environment.

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