Intense beginning of the season in Formula Medicine

The beginning of the 2016 season was very intense for Formula Medicine, who had the usual presence of the drivers Kevin Ceccon, Riccardo Agostini, Dario Orsini and Salvatore De Plano. Furthermore, Michele Beretta and Andrea Piccini, that will participate in the GT3 Championship, Santino Ferrucci, at his debut in GP3, Alessio Lorandi, who will fight in Formula 3 as the only Italian on the starting grid and Carloalberto Varini, a young Paduan kart driver.

For them was developed different psycho-physical training programs, thanks to the new technologies that Formula Medicine finished to develop recently.

The particularity of the workouts done in Formula Medicine got the attention of the Italian TV Rai who came to film and comment not only for RAI Sports but also for the daily news.