Formula Medicine: research and innovation in Motorsport

Timo Glock experiences the EEG system in Viareggio as investigation method integrated with Mental Economy Training.

In thirty years of activity in Motorsport, Formula Medicine has focused above all on research. A fundamental aspect to ensure continuous and substantial innovations in the 360o psychophysical preparation of drivers. Timo Glock visited the Viareggio headquarters a few days ago. The German, with 109 appearances in Formula 1 under his belt at the wheel of Jordan, Toyota, Virgin and Marussia, is now engaged in the DTM championship driving for BMW. He tested the new EEG system (electroencephalogram) used by Formula Medicine as a method of investigating emotions and states of mind, and quantifying brain efficiency – fundamental parameters in Mental Economy Training.

The Mental Economy Gym is the world’s first gym designed to objectively train mental and psychophysical abilities, able to accommodate up to 20 people simultaneously. Brain function, management of stress and psychological pressure are characteristic aspects of a driver and are therefore fundamental parameters of Formula Medicine’s preparation programs, evaluated with its cutting-edge instrumentation.

Dr. Riccardo Ceccarelli’s centre, in fact, has its sights firmly fixed on continuous research, which started 30 years ago in Formula 1 and is now shared with other excellences operating in this sector. In this case Xeos, experts in software and acquisition of body parameters, IMT Alti Studi, centre of excellence for Neuroscience, and the University of Molise, one of the most advanced universities in the field of Artificial Intelligence.

Currently studies are focused on complex analyses of data from a sophisticated 19-electrode helmet, to record and compare the electroencephalographic activity when under stress in the different cerebral areas of 15 drivers from various categories (such as Formula 2, Formula 3, WEC and DTM) to identify with precise objectivity the indexes of efficiency and mental fatigue. This is the first step on a path that will lead to monitorization even while driving.