Formula Medicine opens “version 2.0” of its Mental Economy Gym® in Viareggio

Research and advanced technology are the foundations of the first mental gym in the world dedicated to protagonists of various sporting disciplines, managers and team building activities.

From its innovative research, performed both independently and in collaboration with partners of excellence, especially in the environment of Formula 1, Formula Medicine has always aimed towards the future. Dr. Riccardo Ceccarelli’s facility now launches a “version 2.0” of the Mental Economy Gym®, the first mental fitness gym in the world aimed at optimizing mental resources, and dedicated not only to the protagonists of various sporting disciplines but also to business managers and team building activities.

In the 140m2 mental gym, characterized by its modern and innovative equipment, up to 24 people can be accommodated at the same time. Video workstations, touch screen panels and proprioceptive balance boards are just some of the tools used, which on one hand allow the different mental skills to be evaluated and trained, and on the other allow further research to be carried out – a key process that has always characterized Formula Medicine’s activities.

All the hardware and software used have been developed by Formula Medicine and are aimed at one goal: to achieve higher mental performance while reducing energy expenditure, the main distinguishing features of élite athletes in every sporting discipline. The ambitious goal that Formula Medicine sets with its Mental Economy Gym® V.2.0, is to communicate a mental training culture in every environment, giving it the same importance as physical training, and therefore accessible to everyone – debunking the common belief that considers intervention on mental aspects only necessary in case of problems.

“The Mental Economy Gym® is attended today by athletes from 15 different sporting disciplines, including golfers, tennis players and footballers. But the work that we do is also suitable for managers and entire business corporations, Dr Ceccarelli commented. “We were the first in the world, and also the only ones, to launch a mental gym. And now we have evolved it further. Therefore, in addition to training biceps, quadriceps and other muscles, we are also able to improve all the main functions of the mind: concentration, focused attention, coordination, reactivity, strategy ability, multi-tasking, decision making and stress management.”

The main innovation is represented by the ability to objectively quantify the level of cerebral efficiency by monitoring cardiac frequency and electroencephalographic activity during the running of each test. Sophisticated algorithms, developed by the Formula Medicine team, integrate test results and body parameters in real time, transforming into numerical values the subject’s ability to optimize their mental resources. From the same data it is also possible to identify the personality aspects of the individual, with particular attention to the merits and to the defects within the context of his/her specific activity. Through reliable and detailed objective quantification, which is based on sound science, highly personalized training methods can be created, and the benefits coming from this training can be verified in time.