Formula Medicine’s emergency response and wrap-up of 2020

The ability to resolve even the most difficult situations with the utmost professionalism: this is what emerged from the 2020 season.

A difficult, but not “impossible£, season for Formula Medicine, this 2020 that’s just concluded. Dr. Riccardo Ceccarelli’s facility responded to this emergency with the weapon of flexibility. Not mere adaptation, but the ability to solve every kind of problem, which actually resulted in a positive 2020 balance sheet. The figures, the results obtained and the innovations inevitably introduced in this globally dramatic moment are all witness to this flexible approach.

We were able to reverse the apparently negative value of a year that seemed lost. We managed to emerge from this emergency”, explains Ceccarelli. “In January we started our 2020 by inaugurating version 2.0 of our mental gym; a very innovative structure, equipped with six giant touch screens engineered in-house. We worked on the evolution of our mental training software, analysis and algorithms, making a giant leap forward”.

Then came lockdown, which paralyzed everything. But Formula Medicine’s activities continued uninterrupted. 

We carried on with remote training, setting up on-line training programs with the BMW drivers. We were able to rapidly organize ourselves to provide them with a quality service“, continues Ceccarelli.

It was a multiple challenge. 

We had to follow F1, DTM, kart categories and various 24-hour races all compacted into just a few months”, says Formula Medicine’s leader. “Sometimes we even had three events on the same weekend. On certain weekends we had twenty staff members deployed around the world, while in Formula 1, just ten days before the championship started, we had to triple the medical staff at the track and send ten or eleven doctors instead of the usual four. This required great effort but produced a great result. In less than two weeks we organised a proper task force, without compromising the quality of the service, and coordinated with local authorities overseas to manage any Covid-19 positives and their repatriation at the correct moment. We had to deal with the different rules of all the different countries we worked in, and we received many compliments for having done it in the best possible way. All of this is an important credit for us”.

The flexibility of individual staff members and of the team as a whole is one of the most important qualities for any business entity. Flexibility is also, and above all, an ability that Formula Medicine optimizes through its training programs for managers. And it is precisely on flexibility that the company has staked everything.

Before inaugurating its mental gym, Formula Medicine worked with around seventy athletes every year, at its facilities and also externally. After the implementation of the mental training gym at headquarters, this number rose to 180. The figures from 2020 reveal that the company assisted 122 athletes from 65 different nationalities, including 25 from sports other than motorsport – such as golf, skating, tennis, basketball, BMX and Esports. A very good track record overall.

Continuing with the 2020 figures, it should also be remembered that Formula Medicine attended 17 F1 Grand Prix (bringing to 526 the total since the year the company was established) assisting 8 teams, also 9 DTM races, not to mention WEC, Formula E, IMSA, kart categories and the various 24-hour races, bringing the grand total of presence at races to 64. In 2020, this team of professionals grew to 56 – a milestone never reached before.