Formula Medicine “breaks the bank” at Las Vegas and officializes its partnership with BrainCo Inc.

Doctor Ceccarelli’s Company presents the Mental Economy Gym® at CES 2020.

There couldn’t have been a better showcase than CES 2020 in Las Vegas to unveil the Mental Economy Gym® in the USA – the first mental gym in the world in which athletes and managers can optimize their mental resources. Formula Medicine landed at the Consumer Electronic Show bringing the “spearhead” of its own evolutionary projects in the field of sports preparation.

The Mental Economy Gym stand at CES 2020, Las Vegas.

In an ideal context, halfway between reality and science fiction, surrounded by the most advanced technologies in the field of fitness and professional sport, Formula Medicine recreated a reduced version of its innovative and sophisticated Mental Gym®, at the stand it shared with BrainCo. Formula Medicine’s partnership with the American company, specialized in the development of technologies for cognitive training, was made official last week.

CES 2020 therefore was an opportunity to consolidate an important synergy between two realities of the highest level, and to take overseas a technology that also generated enormous interest from the international public attending what is the most prestigious world fair for consumer electronics.

“There were many people who, intrigued by the new concept of Mental Economy Training®, wanted to take part in the demonstration of tests that enable the objective evaluation and training of neural efficiency by monitoring cerebral and cardiac activity in real time”, commented Dr. Matteo Bartalucci, who represented Formula Medicine in Las Vegas, alongside psychologist Alice Ferrisi.

Among the athletes and professionals who visited the Formula Medicine stand, particularly interested in the applicability of the Formula Medicine training method in their respective disciplines or as a possible business tool, there were representatives of the biggest American sports leagues (NBA, NHL), E-gamers and VC Investors.

Dr. Matteo Bartalucci and Psychologist Alice Ferrisi of Formula Medicine together with Lawrence Franchini, BrainCo Inc. VP of sales.

Research and innovation are two fundamental elements of the Formula Medicine philosophy, and combine well with Dr Ceccarelli’s concept, which supports the importance of training the brain like any muscle in the body. The Mental Economy Training® pathway trains and reinforces an elevated ability to manage oneself, even in stressful conditions. Because the brain, without control, is nothing.