Busy week in FM

After the summer break, many pilots “returned to base” to continue their athletic and mental. This week in the factory of Viareggio were present Marcus Ericsson, fresh from ninth place in the F1 GP at Monza last weekend, Michele Beretta and Nabil Jeffri, engaged in the European championship of Formula 3, Salvatore De Plano, back […]

Marcus Ericsson in FM after Monza

After an another very good performance, that saw him finish in the points for the third consecutive race, Marcus Ericsson went again Formula Medicine in Viareggio, with his personal trainer Alex Elgh, who is part of the team of Formula Medicine . During his visit was performed a functional recovery session of training and was […]

Andrea Pendibene in FM

Andrea Pendibene is in Formula Medicine to continue the preparation for the Mini Transat, the prestigious event that starts from the coast of France and ends in Brazil, on small boats of the length of 6,50 meters and without the help of any technical means such as GPS and satellite phones. Formula Medicine contributed to […]

In Formula Medicine from Greece

For the first time two young drivers from Greece are in Formula Medicine. We are talking about Timotheos and Nicolas Dimitriou, kart drivers of team BabyRace, who are undergoing a mental and athletic check-up this week in view of their upcoming events. With the Dimitriou brothers, the drivers coming from different nations rise up to […]

Busy week in Formula Medicine

A particularly intense training week is coming to an end in Formula Medicine. We had the usual presence of the drivers Charles Leclerc and Nabil Jeffri, engaged in the F3 European championship, Salvatore De Plano, engaged in the tests with a Dallara GP2 category, and Riccardo Agostini, who is preparing himself to defend the leadership […]

Tom Blomqvist is back in FM

Tom Blomqvist, young DTM rookie driving a BMW, is back in these days in Formula Medicine for his periodic check-up physical and mental. For him, who is extremely trained, was studied an aerobic cycling program very intense, with sessions of even 130 km per day on mountain paths. In these training sessions, he will be […]

Another challenge for Pendibene

Andrea Pendibene after the victory at Cap Cagliari Offshore Regatta in proto double class, began the preparation for the prestigious and challenging transoceanic regatta Mini Transat, which will start on September 19th. This is a real expedition reserved only for the world’s best skippers of the class, who must cross the ocean starting from the coasts […]

A Jordanian driver in Formula Medicine

For the first time a driver from Jordan came to Formula Medicine. We are talking about Ali Akabi, youngster of Jordan Karting, who carried out this week a mental and athletic check-up. Up to today the drivers who came to Formula Medicine to prepare themselves in view of the agonistic season are 900, and with […]

Formula Medicine takes forward the technological development

Salvatore De Plano has just concluded with very satisfactory results a session of three days of testing at the circuit of Adria, driving a Grand Prix car. For Formula Medicine this has been an opportunity to continue the testing phase of the instruments that monitor in real time the different body parameters, including electrocardiogram, heart […]

Intensive week in Formula Medicine

A particularly busy week in Formula Medicine is coming to an end. In these days we had the drivers Charles Leclerc and Michele Beretta, engaged in the F3 European Championship, Rodolfo Gonzalez, who is preparing himself for the Indy race in Mid-Ohio, Nicolas Jamin who is also involved oversea but in the Indy Light Championship, […]