Also Marchegiani and Iannarilli choose Formula Medicine

After Daniele Rugani and Andrea Favilli, young players of Juventus F.C. it was the turn of Gabriele Marchegiani and Antony Iannarilli, with their trainer Massimo Gazzoli, goalkeeper of Pistoiese F.C. They chose Formula Medicine to try the benefits of the Mental Economy Training®. For their stage, Formula Medicine’s staff had a Mental Training program based […]

Christmas celebrations with the Mental Economy Training® for the young Tuscan tennis player

Between many professional athletes who are training in the headquarter in Viareggio, Victor Hanescu, a young tennis player of Ponsacco Tennis Club decided to try the benefits of the Mental Economy Training®. The training is composed by instruments and techniques to evaluate the brain performances and, at the same time, a quantification of the mental […]

Andrea Pendibene started the Mini Transat

On Saturday September 19th from Douarnenez, a city on the French west coast, Andrea Pendibene started with his Pagaso 883 the Mini Transat Iles de Guadelupe 2015, the prestigious regatta that is held every two years and sees the best skippers of the world cross the Atlantic Ocean by themselves on small boats without the […]

Simulated altitude training

Formula Medicine always pays particular attention to what’s new. In these days in fact has just arrived a special mask to wear during training, that simulates the conditions in altitude, to improve the anaerobic threshold and lung capacity. The upcoming weeks will represent the testing phase to evaluate how to integrate this innovation in the […]

Andrea Pendibene in FM

Andrea Pendibene is in Formula Medicine to continue the preparation for the Mini Transat, the prestigious event that starts from the coast of France and ends in Brazil, on small boats of the length of 6,50 meters and without the help of any technical means such as GPS and satellite phones. Formula Medicine contributed to […]

Another challenge for Pendibene

Andrea Pendibene after the victory at Cap Cagliari Offshore Regatta in proto double class, began the preparation for the prestigious and challenging transoceanic regatta Mini Transat, which will start on September 19th. This is a real expedition reserved only for the world’s best skippers of the class, who must cross the ocean starting from the coasts […]

Success of Matteo Marrai in Forte dei Marmi

On the courts of the Tennis Club Italia in Forte dei Marmi, under the sight of his friend Alessandro Petacchi, Matteo Marrai won the 16th edition of the Open Tournament “UnipolSai”, defeating in the third set of a very difficult game, ……. , a very tough and combative challenger. This was a comeback win, characterized by […]

Daniele Rugani in FM

After Andrea Favilli another Juventus player has been to Formula Medicine to try the Mental Economy Training, that is a methodology of optimization of the mental resources applied in Motorsport with success since many years, including Formula 1. We are talking about Daniele Rugani, young defender from Lucca, who is getting ready to reach his […]