Formula Medicine with Human Tecar

Formula Medicine has been chosen by Human Tecar as main physiotherapy centre in Italy for the rehabilitation and preparation of professional athletes. Formula Medicine is equipped of the most innovative facilities like the last HCR Tecar, the Physio TT and the proproceptive Synergy Mat, all managed by extremely high qualified professionals formed by Human Tecar. […]

First phase of rehabilitation for Daniel de Jong

The Dutch driver of GP2 Daniel de Jong, recovering from surgery following the accident at Spa-Francorchamps last August 23, began in Formula Medicine his rehabilitation phase to plan his return to racing. Daniel has been prepared an intensive program personalized, lasting about six hours a day, including both physical and mental treatments. The goal of […]

Simulated altitude training

Formula Medicine always pays particular attention to what’s new. In these days in fact has just arrived a special mask to wear during training, that simulates the conditions in altitude, to improve the anaerobic threshold and lung capacity. The upcoming weeks will represent the testing phase to evaluate how to integrate this innovation in the […]

Formula Medicine continues its long lasting scientific research

In these days Salvatore De Plano is doing three days of test with an Auto Gp car. For Formula Medicine, that is training Salvatore since many years, is the perfect chance to collect data and set up a special belt able to record many body parameters.