Important findings for Formula Medicine

In his nearly thirty-years history, Formula Medicine activities, both in the headquarters and on the circuits, has been the subject of numerous reports and services by newspapers and televisions from the 5 continents. However, during the past months, the attention of the mass media towards the clinic of Viareggio has grown a lot, thanks to […]

RAI guest in Formula Medicine

Recently, another television network was our guest as it happened lately with other broadcasting stations and newspapers, attracted by the innovation that Formula Medicine developed for the psycho-physical of the drivers. After the BBC, L’Equipe, Canal F.1 Latin America, the Swedish and the Indonesian television, this week was back the RAI television. Their interest in […]

Also Marchegiani and Iannarilli choose Formula Medicine

After Daniele Rugani and Andrea Favilli, young players of Juventus F.C. it was the turn of Gabriele Marchegiani and Antony Iannarilli, with their trainer Massimo Gazzoli, goalkeeper of Pistoiese F.C. They chose Formula Medicine to try the benefits of the Mental Economy Training®. For their stage, Formula Medicine’s staff had a Mental Training program based […]

Christmas celebrations with the Mental Economy Training® for the young Tuscan tennis player

Between many professional athletes who are training in the headquarter in Viareggio, Victor Hanescu, a young tennis player of Ponsacco Tennis Club decided to try the benefits of the Mental Economy Training®. The training is composed by instruments and techniques to evaluate the brain performances and, at the same time, a quantification of the mental […]

Agostini wins in Vallelunga too

Riccardo Agostini, leader of the Porsche Carrera Cup, won Race 1 at the Circuit of Vallelunga, the same track where he did a test session with the Ferrari Formula 1 Car. With this last victory the races won during the season rise up to five, which summed together to four fast laps and two pole […]

Other media in FM

In these days other media come again attracted by the innovations that Formula Medicine developed in the psycho-physical training of the drivers. After the BBC, the Swedish and the Indonesian ones, this time our guests were the crew of Canal F.1 Latin America and a journalist of L’Equipe, the prestigious French newspaper. Great was their […]

Tom Blomqvist is back in FM

Tom Blomqvist, young DTM rookie driving a BMW, is back in these days in Formula Medicine for his periodic check-up physical and mental. For him, who is extremely trained, was studied an aerobic cycling program very intense, with sessions of even 130 km per day on mountain paths. In these training sessions, he will be […]

Formula Medicine on newspapers

This news item shows Daniele Rugani trying the Mental Economy Training, that is a methodology of optimization of the mental resources.  

Daniele Rugani in FM

After Andrea Favilli another Juventus player has been to Formula Medicine to try the Mental Economy Training, that is a methodology of optimization of the mental resources applied in Motorsport with success since many years, including Formula 1. We are talking about Daniele Rugani, young defender from Lucca, who is getting ready to reach his […]

FM at Ferrari Driving Experience

  Today the guests of Philips Morris experienced in Maranello a day just like real top drivers, in the occasion of the “Ferrari Driving Experience.” In addition to driving a Ferrari 458 on the circuit of Fiorano, they were submitted by our staff of professionals, made up by Dr. Matteo Bartalucci, Physiotherapist Alessio Erra and […]