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Formula Medicine for companies and businessmen

A F1 champion is distinguished by his level of brain function optimisation, a capacity that allows him to make effective decisions in a few milliseconds while driving at 300 km per hour. Formula Medicine is the only team to have carried out scientific research, whose value has been confirmed at the most important international congresses, to discover the secrets that make the brains of F1 drivers special. The results of the research led to the creation of an innovative and sophisticated mental training system, the Mental Economy Training®, that also meets the needs of companies and professionals.

Health, well-being and mental efficiency: these are necessary prerogatives not just for Formula 1 drivers and top-level athletes but also for professionals who deal with the challenges of the modern workplace every day. Formula Medicine has developed a Corporate programme, specifically designed for companies and professionals, and aimed at offering a complete service including medical check-ups and physical and mental training. The latter in particular is inspired by our Mental Economy Training®, used by drivers and élite athletes. In fact, those who excel in sports and work are characterised by an extreme ability to produce high-level performance while maintaining a low consumption of cerebral energies.

The corporate professional, like the Formula 1 driver, needs to save nervous energy. Stress, responsibility, performance anxiety and lack of adequate recovery time represent the obstacles that both must deal with.
Formula Medicine has scientifically demonstrated how the positive result of a performance or the achievement of a goal depends on the ability to optimise mental resources, managing to have perfect emotional control even in conditions of elevated stress.

The Formula Medicine Corporate programme begins with an objective evaluation of the individual’s character and personality traits. This first step is critical, not only to allow the professional to gain full awareness of his/her own strengths and weaknesses in the workplace, but also for the development of a personalised programme aimed at optimising mental resources through Mental Economy Training® techniques.
The second phase involves regular reassessments and adjustments over time, in order to reach the ideal state of psychophysical balance.

Mental Economy Training® can also be applied in activities such as Team Building, Workshops or Incentive programmes, with the aim of engaging the participants in real competitive conditions, using the same tests and instruments that Formula 1 drivers use during their training sessions.
The Corporate programme is completed by medical check-up services and the physical training programme in the gym, both completely personalised to take into account the time that individual professionals have available, their age and aptitude for sport.

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