About us

Formula Medicine is a Sports Medicine Centre based in Viareggio (Italy), equipped with a multidisciplinary staff, offering medical assistance and training programmes, both physical and mental. Its strong point is represented by the Mental Economy Gym®, the first gym of its kind in the world, entirely dedicated to mental resource optimisation.
In addition to advanced training programmes at its headquarters, Formula Medicine also has a travelling Task Force, made up of around 40 specialists, able to offer assistance on all 5 continents.

Formula Medicine is specialised in the care of all the physical and mental aspects that affect the well-being of each individual, regardless of the activity performed. With over 30 years of experience in the preparation of professional athletes, especially Formula 1 drivers, Formula Medicine is the world leader in the motorsport sector as regards medical assistance and athletic and mental preparation.

The Formula Medicine team is composed of doctors, psychologists, athletic trainers, physiotherapists, osteopaths and nutritionists, all highly qualified and specialised in the sporting and corporate fields. These professionals work side by side every day, in perfect synergy, applying the methods developed by Formula Medicine with a complete and customised approach to every individual need.


At the spacious Viareggio site of over 600 m2, Formula Medicine’s three main departments provide every type of solution for the individual’s physical and mental well-being.
The Medical department offers complete check-ups for preventive and diagnostic purposes, as well as physiotherapy and rehabilitation treatments. In the Athletic gym it is possible to perform complete workouts, from postural exercises to the most extreme training for professional athletes. But the strong point that makes Formula Medicine unique internationally is its Mental Economy Gym®, the first mental gym in the world, able to offer unique support to optimise the mental resources of professionals, athletes and, in general, all those who want to improve their mental performance for work, sport or everyday life.

Our Task Force

Formula Medicine’s team is made up of more than 50 specialists. 12 are at work every day at the Viareggio site, while another 40 professionals who take care of external activities are constantly travelling across all 5 continents.

Formula Medicine Personnel

Riccardo Ceccarelli
CEO & Founder - Medical Doctor
Matteo Bartalucci
Medical Doctor
Michele Carrozzini
Alice Ferrisi
Sport Psychologist
Alessio Erra
Filippo Della Latta
Athletic Trainer
Simone Romani
Athletic Trainer
Simone Marello
Athletic Trainer
Cinzia Della Latta
Head of Communication
Martina D’Alessandro
Logistics Officer
Yvonne Taylor


Gerardo Anastasio
Medical Doctor
Carlo Atzeri
Medical Doctor
Massimo Buzio
Medical Doctor
Michele Celiento
Medical Doctor
Marco Cupisti
Medical Doctor
Monica Donetti
Medical Doctor
Andrea Giorgetti
Medical Doctor
Franco Guerriero
Medical Doctor
Philip Hoffberger
Medical Doctor
Michele Martini
Medical Doctor
Roland Naglis
Medical Doctor
Giacomo Ravenni
Medical Doctor
Paolo Vaglio
Medical Doctor
Simone Sargentini
Silvia Papini
Andrea Bertagna
Achim Hofstädter
Marco Sagramoni
Israel Sanchez Hernandez
Physiothrapist & Osteopath
Diego Pucciarelli
Physiotherapist & Osteopath
Gabriele Polcari
Physioterapist & Osteopath
Stephane Vouillot
Physiotherapist & Osteopath
Federico Tiso
Alex Elgh
Athletic Trainer
Luke Gibbard
Athletic Trainer


Simone Rivaldi
Engineering - Xeos CEO
Franco Boldi
Engineering - Xeos Founder
Rocco Oliveto
Software Engineering - Datasound CEO
Gennaro Laudato
Research Data Analyst - Molise Universtity
Emiliano Ricciardi
Medical Doctor, Professor in Psychophysiology, IMT School
Andrea Petrucci
Medical Doctor, Sonographer
Claudio Vignali
Medical Doctor, Radiologist