Thank you for this 2 days. It have been really nice and fun to learn and know the people/trainers here. All the things what the trainers teach me is new and very useful for me. Everything is 100% perfect. And it’s really nice to see all the developments. Thank’s a lot and hopefully see you soon!

Joel Eriksson

Joel Eriksson Pilota Formula 3

Thank you for this 2 days. I had a really good experience here with you. All the stuff is 100% professional and know what they are doing. Hope to see you soon again.

Jimmy Eriksson Pilota GP2

Coming here is always nice. The employees are kind and quickly it feels like they are getting into the situation of your career as well as your private life. When you go home you feel more calm and have a different approach to things. Both on- and off-track. It’s like an injection of motivation that you are able to go for some more month on track and in the daily life. What I had the best experience with is how you perform better when you get the mind cleaned. It’s not an easy thing, but FM helped me along way. Something I couldn’t have done alone.

Mikkel Jensen Pilota Formula 3

Formula Medicine, the best and my favourite place to come to train. With the experience they have in Motorsport and are involved with some of the biggest names in Motorsport, they know where and how to work with the drivers not only on their physical side, but also on their mental side. I started with Formula Medicine from my first year starting in single-seaters, and in 2 years, working with them on their physical tests & mental tests. I have seen clearly the improvements I made physically and mentally on the results on the tests, and also results in my racing. After 2 years in the junior category single-seater, I’m back here to train for my GP2 season and my future seasons in racing.

Philo Patrick Armand Pilota GP2

Sono stato indicato da Bruno Bonifacio, il mio coach, devo dire che per me è stato molto soddisfacente… Ho imparato molto durante gli esercizi che bisogna fare per aver una buona condizione fisica, adesso dovrò continuare per migliorare la mia resistenza. Formula Medicine è realmente un ottimo centro e sono stato ben atteso dal personale, ben informato sui miei allenamenti. Complimenti per il buon lavoro e adesso spetta a me il grande compito… Grazie a presto    Mauro Auricchio

Mauro Auricchio Pilota ADAC Formel 4

Thank you for everything. I learnt a lot and I want to come here again. These 3 days were hard but we make it. 😀 thank you Formula Medicine

Dominik Goldschmied Pilota Kart OKJ

Grazie di cuore a tutti… Bellissima esperienza (anche se faticosa)!! Tornerò presto!! Alessandro :-)  !!!

Alessandro Giardelli Pilota Kart OKJ

Doctors and Trainers, thank you very much. I learnt so much and the experience I have gained is going to pay divergence against my opposition, there screwed now Team BMW will be able to kick their ass!! Thank you BMW and all the team at Formula Medicine.

Ricky Collard Pilota British F3 Championship

Thank you very much for the amazing welcome and all the new technology from Formula Medicine. I really enjoyed my stay.

See you!

Louis Delétraz Pilota Formula 3

Well I had fun with all team, I enjoyed to come here. I could live here. It is a great place for training the mind and the body and I think the work we did will help so I need to come back soon. Thank you to all the team for welcoming me here and I hope see everybody again soon. Scott

Scott Redding Pilota MotoGP

A very nice gym with nice people. I feel that here I was pushed and encouraged to go to my limit. I learnt a lot of things and the training program is going to help me a lot with my driving. Thank you to everyone and hope to be back soon :-)

Aaron Di Comberti Pilota F4 France

I had a really good week, I want to say thanks to all the staff that supported and pushed me during the all week. Also thank you for being nice with me and also thanks to all the other drivers that were here for being nice and cool.                       You are all really cool and there is a very good atmosphere here at Formula Medicine. 😉         Tristan

Tristan Charpentier Pilota F4 France
Massimo Gazzoli – allenatore portieri Pistoiese

Io ci credo…per il ruolo che ho ricoperto e la ricerca del miglioramento che l’allenatore dei portieri deve aspirare, vorrei intraprendere questo percorso. Un’altra cosa che mi affascina è la professionalità, la qualità del lavoro e lo studio che il centro Formula Medicine offre. Sperando di rivedervi… Massimo Gazzoli.

Massimo Gazzoli Allenatore portieri Pistoiese
Antony Iannarilli – portiere Pistoiese

Al primo impatto già nella sala video è stato molto positivo, il tutto confermato dalle prove davvero interessanti e professionali svolte in palestra…
Convintissimo di poter intraprendere questo percorso, consapevole dei benefici che possono arrivare.
A presto.

Antony Iannarilli Portiere Pistoiese
Gabriele Marchegiani – portiere Pistoiese

Per una futura collaborazione e una crescita personale.
Sono stato molto contento di aver vissuto questa esperienza e spero di ripeterla. Gabriele Marchegiani.

Gabriele Marchegiani Portiere Pistoiese
Santino Ferrucci – Pilota F3 2015-GP3 2016

The past few days were very tough. The training was very good mentally and physically.
I also enjoyed my trip here a lot, I felt very happy!
This training was more difficult than previous. I think it was also more beneficial. I would like to do more training similar to this trip. Santino Ferrucci.

Santino Ferrucci Pilota F3 2015-GP3 2016
Alessandra Ferrucci – dressage

I felt a lot of support and improvement in my mental and physical state. The techniques that I have learned over the past days will definitely help improve my performance in my horseback riding. I hope to come back to Formula Medicine even better so I can improve even more to work my very up to being a professional athlete.  Alessandra Ferrucci.

Alessandra Ferrucci Dressage
Max Defourny – Pilota Formula Renault 2.0 NEC

Formula Medicine has a very professional and specialized way of training towards Motorsport, mentally and physically. It was with great pleasure that I had the opportunity to work with. Max Defourny.

Max Defourny Pilota Formula Renault 2.0 NEC
Hamza Dirani – team manager Jordan Karting

Had great time at Formula Medicine I learned a lot about importance of body-mind training and how it effects track performance!
Very professional team. I will definitely be back for my training. Haza Dirani

Hamza Dirani Team manager Jordan Karting
Ali Akabi – Pilota Go Kart

I loved my stay here in Formula Medicine. You guys made me feel at home and I hope to see you all again. Ali Akabi

Ali Akabi Pilota Go Kart
Marcus Ericsson – Pilota F.1

I always enjoy coming to Formula Medicine. Very skilled and professional staff that helps me improve as racing driver. Physically but mainly the mental side where I believe Formula Medicine is unique! Thanks and I’m looking forward to my next trip here. Marcus Ericsson

Marcus Ericsson Pilota F.1
Alexander Elgh – Preparatore Ericsson

Thanks Formula Medicine for always welcoming us with first class trainers and staff, always pushing us athletes to the maximum, both mentally and physically!! Alex Elgh.

Alexander Elgh Preparatore Ericsson
Manaf Hijjawi – pilota Go kart

The three days I had in Formula Medicine, in my opinion, impacted me as a person and a driver.
Formula Medicine provided me with skills to maintain stress, etc.
I really liked these days and I hope to come back soon!
Thank yoy Manaf Hijjawi.

Manaf Hijjawi Pilota Go kart
Kevin Ceccon – Pilota Gp3

Formula Medicine è dove sono cresciuto sia dal punto di vista umano sia dal punto di vista sportivo quindi devo solamente ringraziare tutti per ciò che hanno fatto e ciò che faranno per me. Kevin.

Kevin Ceccon Pilota Gp3
Luca Tilloca – pilota Go kart

Personale altamente preparato in qualsiasi attività svolta, personalmente grazie a questo staff sono migliorato e cambiato tanto sia atleticamente che mentalmente; esperienza che consiglio a tutti! Ringrazio tutto lo staff di Formula Medicine, il Doc Riccardo Ceccarelli per l’opportunità data siete i numeri 1. Luca Tilloca

Luca Tilloca Pilota Go kart
Daniel De Jong – Pilota GP2 (2015)

It was good to train/revalidate with Formula Medicine I think if I didn’t train here than I wouldn’t recover so fast. My physical and mental condition stayed well and I would like to thank all the crew in Formula Medicine for their help. Daniel de Jong

Daniel De Jong Pilota GP2 (2015)
Gustav Malja – Pilota Word Series 3.5 Renault

It feels great to have been back in business here in Formula Medicine. I have had a good experience with and productive work as always and I feel strong and ready for Jerez next weekend! Gustav Malja

Gustav Malja Pilota Word Series 3.5 Renault
Nicolas Jamin – Pilota USF 2000 Mazda

It’s always great to come here and work with a very professional group of people. I already learned a lot of things about my body, my physical and mental preparation. Every time I come here I always feel improvement so it’s very motivating! Winning championship is all about dedication and small details, and Formula Medicine is for sure a big help for me. Nico Jamin

Nicolas Jamin Pilota USF 2000 Mazda
Armando Mangini – Manager & Pilota

Il mio primo giorno a Formula Medicine è stato una novità positiva, mi sono accorto che mi può fare comodo per il mio fisico (non proprio allenato) per lo sport automobilistico amatoriale come il mio. Ritorno. Armando Mangini

Armando Mangini Manager & Pilota
Roy Nissany – Pilota World Series 3.5 by Renault

As a Formula Medicine driver for over 2 years, I feel the facility gave me an amazing amount of knowledge and information, firstly regarding general Motorsport lifestyle ideas, but more specific information about me in aspects of mental, physical and medical. The biggest vantage I got from FM is the mental side. I made a huge step in my mental capability and I feel the development in every session. In addition the professionalism of FM’s staff is praise worthy. Roy.

Roy Nissany Pilota World Series 3.5 by Renault
Alessio Lorandi – Pilota Formula 3 (2015)

Formula Medicine la considero come una sorta di famiglia, in cui mi trovo molto bene perché oltre ad allenamenti dal punto di vista fisico e mentale, qui è presente un bell’ambiente creato da tutti gli istruttori e dagli altri piloti, dove nella settimana in cui ti alleni stacchi la testa dai pensieri esterni (ad esempio la scuola) e ti concentri solamente ad allenamenti e al tuo sport. Alessio

Alessio Lorandi Pilota Formula 3 (2015)
Nabil Jeffri – Pilota Formula 3 (2015)

My thoughts for the past two weeks here in Formula Medicine: A) Was overall very productive plus fun doing the training with other drivers. Managed to push each other to do more training. B) Maybe I need to focus more on the mental training side to improve on my mental endurance because I feel fitness training is 70% and mental training is 30%. C) Trainers are all good overall. D) Nothing much to improve from Formula Medicine’ side. E) Is it possible for my next visit to Formula Medicine, you prepare for me BCAA ( protein ) because I feel that I don’t recover enough after all my training here in Formula Medicine. Nabil

Nabil Jeffri Pilota Formula 3 (2015)
Nicolas Dimitriou – Pilota Go-kart

In Formula Medicine I had 3 really nice days in which I learnt many things that help me a lot. I love it very much and I wish to come again soon. Nicolas

Nicolas Dimitriou Pilota Go-kart
Timotheos Dimitriou – Pilota Go-kart

Formula Medicine was fantastic, they taught me a lot of things and I want to come again. T.

Timotheos Dimitriou Pilota Go-kart
Riccardo Agostini – Pilota Porshe Carrera Cup

Formula Medicine è un ingrediente fondamentale per far eccellere il talento di uno sportivo specialmente nel Motorsport. Riccardo

Riccardo Agostini Pilota Porshe Carrera Cup
Gianmarco Raimondo – Pilota Maserati

Formula Medicine mi dà la libertà di sperimentare con tanti esercizi diversi e nuovi, specifici solo per me. C’è un’atmosfera di famiglia qui dentro FM. Essendo un pilota a Formula Medicine per così tanto tempo, sono molto amico con tutto lo staff, però quando arriva il tempo di lavorare, diventano seri e molto professionali. E’ difficile annoiarsi qui dentro con tutti i diversi modi di allenarsi. Gli anni in cui stavo qua sono volati per questo motivo. Specialmente nel periodo dove non ho fatto gare. Gimo

Gianmarco Raimondo Pilota Maserati
Tom Blomqvist – Pilota BMW DTM

Always trying to improve & Formula Medicine are helping me achieve that. Tom

Tom Blomqvist Pilota BMW DTM
Giorgio Mandozzi – Pilota kart

Vi ringrazio per questi 4 giorni insieme che sono stati efficienti e utili per me. Non potevo chiedere di meglio dato che tutti si sono impegnati per me e per il mio bene, forse sono io che non ho messo il 100%: Grazie Giorgio

Giorgio Mandozzi Pilota kart
Rodolfo Gonzalez – Pilota IndyCar Series

Formula Medicine is the most complete training I have experienced. I particularly like to work a lot on the mental side as I notice a genuine gain in performance with all mental tools I learnt at FM. The physical training is also very intense, but the professionalism and enthusiasm of the trainers help me give my 100% in each training sessions. I completely recommend FM to any driver looking to become a professional in Motorsport. Rodolfo

Rodolfo Gonzalez Pilota IndyCar Series
Antonio Felix Da Costa – Pilota BMW DTM

Thank you so much Formula Medicine for these days…super job and now fight for more wins in DTM! Antonio

Antonio Felix Da Costa Pilota BMW DTM
Filippo Beretta – Sciatore

Pienamente soddisfatto di questi 4 giorni qui a Viareggio. Staff molto serio e preparato, ho imparato tanto anche se penso che in così poco tempo non si riesca a vedere i miglioramenti. Sono stati 4 giorni intensi e anche divertenti, sono venuto a conoscenza di tecniche che sicuramente userò per la preparazione fisica e mentale. Grazie di tutto, Filippo

Filippo Beretta Sciatore
Michele Beretta – Pilota Formula 3 ( 2015 )

Though training days here, as usual…Ready for RedBullRing. Let’s Rock!!Michele

Michele Beretta Pilota Formula 3 ( 2015 )
Charles Leclerc – Pilota Formula 3 ( 2015 )

A really good week in Formula Medicine! Now ready to race at 200%. Huge thank you to all the staff. Charles.

Charles Leclerc Pilota Formula 3 ( 2015 )
Thiago Vivacqua – Pilota Formula Renault 2.0 Alps

Obrigado Formula Medicine por todo o suporte e trabalho puro sempre 100% e que esses resultados certeza vai nos levar sempre acima. Con amor Thiago!

Thiago Vivacqua Pilota Formula Renault 2.0 Alps
Martijn Van Leeuwen

I learned a lot from nice people! Was a good experience to train in a different way!

Martijn van Leeuwen
Rick Dreezen – Pilota Go Kart

It was the first time and it was a good experience. Everything was new for me, new technologies but it was very interesting to learn these new techniques which I think for sure will help me to develop my abilities. Thank you! See you next time!

Rick Dreezen Pilota Go Kart
Kiern Jewiss – Pilota Go Kart

It was a good experience at Formula Medicine we learnt a lot about the brain and how you have to be mentally strong as well as physically”. Kiern Jewiss

Kiern Jewiss Pilota Go Kart
Ulysse De Pauw - Pilota Go Kart

It was a great 3 days. I learnt a lot like to stay calm, to consume less energy and to use all my energy.
I hope to come back next year because when I come here I directly feel the difference when I drive. Thank you! Ulysse De Pauw

Ulysse De Pauw Pilota Go Kart
Rasmus Lindh – Pilota Go Kart

I like here they work with the mental training and I also like the Formula Tests and I have a good training program and I want to go there again.

Rasmus Lindh Pilota Go Kart
Lucas Legeret – Pilota Go Kart

I had a really good experience at Formula Medicine. I love the training that we do. Every time I come here my performances improve.

Lucas Legeret Pilota Go Kart
Caio Collet – Pilota Go Kart

I had a really good experience here, at Formula Medicine. I love the training, principally the mind theme, like the Formula Test. These two days were really nice and I enjoy too much!

Caio Collet Pilota Go Kart