Formula Medicine Sport 2016 HD

Formula Medicine The way to succeed: SAVE THE ENERGY.

Medical Check-up

Formula Medicine in less than 4 hours is able to perform a complete check-up, inclusive of all the most important medical exams.

Mental Economy Training for Corporate

Marcus Ericsson, Sauber F.1 driver, in Formula Medicine during a mental and athletic training session.

Mental Economy Training for Corporate

The Mental Economy Training addressed to the Corporate.

Mental and Physical Economy Training by Formula Medicine

Some highlights of Formula Medicine’s Innovative Trainings.

Canal F.1 Latin America in Formula Medicine with Marcus Ericsson

Marcus Ericsson explain to Canal F.1 Latin America TV his daily mental and physical training in Formula Medicine.

The BBC in Formula Medicine with Allan McNish

BBC recording the daily training in Formula Medicine, with comments of Allan McNish.

Meditation and attention

A short clip on the new instrument integrated in the “MentalBio” console. This is a band that allows us to evaluate and train concentration and relaxation capabilities.

Neck training

Training with Simone Romani, physical trainer.

4 minutes for a week

A week in Formula Medicine.

Atletic Training

Our staff will follow you during your athletic training, choosing the right program for you.

Medical Examinations

We carry all the necessary medical tests to monitor your health during physical and mental training.

Mental Training

Experience and technology innovation at the service of your mental training.