Formula Medicine in Tennis

Formula Medicine in Tennis: Dr. Riccardo Ceccarelli, founder of Formula Medicine, is the doctor who has the longest experience in Formula 1, having been present at about 400 Grand Prix working of more than 75 Formula 1 drivers and with 15 teams. Thanks to the results of over 25 years of study and innovative research, Dr. Ceccarelli, having been a decent tennis player in his youth, saw the similarities that exist between two seemingly distant sports and began to experimentally apply his know-how to tennis.
The beginning of Formula Medicine’s involvement in tennis dates from the end of 2006 with two “guinea pigs” in their twenties, Walter Trusendi and Matteo Marrai, who at that time in the world ranking were far from being in the top thousand. In late 2008, after two years of work with Formula Medicine, Marrai had climbed to 282nd and Trusendi to 299th. This progress, exceeding all expectations, prompted Formula Medicine to continue its involvement in tennis and so began a collaboration with two leading Italian coaches, Riccardo Piatti, the architect of the success of many professional tennis players including Liubicic, and Massimo Sartori, coach to Andreas Seppi. In 2012 Formula Medicine widened its commitment in tennis working together with another coach, Nicholas Ceragioli, who despite his youth already had a long experience in competitive tennis.
In this field the focus is on the young rising stars of tennis who require not just physical training and instruction for proper technique but also need to learn how to be an athlete in terms of attitude and lifestyle. And this is where Formula Medicine comes in with its unique premises and a full team of doctors, psychologists, physical trainers, physiotherapists and nutritionists, all working together, able to provide a complete and highly specialized assistance in all three areas of sports medicine namely medical, mental and fitness. For this reason Formula Medicine’s assistance is hard to beat offering regular medical check ups, personalized fitness programs using the latest equipment and a mental workout which is both unique and exclusive.

Thanks to the innovative technologies and methodologies that make up “Mental Economy Training”, Formula Medicine is able to perform a thorough psycho physiological profile of the athlete, revealing objectively and credibly his or her strengths and above all any weaknesses. From these results a personalized program is drawn up designed to improve mental performance, the ability to concentrate and how to manage anxiety. In other words Formula Medicine is able to train the tennis player’s brain, thereby increasing their performance and reducing energy consumption, with a definite advantage in a sport that requires, in addition to the physical workload, a very high mental commitment.
This program is entirely done with training and evaluations which are impartially and objectively arrived at and not subject to improvisation or subjectivity which unfortunately is all too common in the world of sport. The athlete has the opportunity to try out in the lab the techniques that can give the best benefits and after they have been fully learned in order to test an improvement they can then be applied on the court with relative ease.