Formula Medicine in Motor Sport

Using the experience gained directly in the field in 26 years from over 400 F1 Grand Prix and in all other important racing categories, combined with the results obtained from a series of scientific research projects and the collection of an unprecedented amount of data, Formula Medicine has been able to develop a program of physical and mental training without equal in terms of technology and innovation.
With its staff, drawn from all sectors, including doctors, psychologists, therapists, physiotherapists, nutritionists and athletic trainers, Formula Medicine is able to provide, also at the circuit, experienced professionals able to satisfy the demands of teams and drivers.

15 F1 teams, including major manufacturers such as BMW, Toyota, Renault, Mercedes and others have benefitted and/or are benefitting from Assistance at the circuits by Formula Medicine. Furthermore since 2006 Formula Medicine has been appointed by all the F1 teams to check safety systems at circuits during tests. (Safety). Formula Medicine has also gained, over many years, considerable experience in organizing Training Camps dedicated to Teams and drivers, both in Italy and abroad.