Other Sports

More sports

Recently Formula Medicine has begun to use in other sports its methodology, developed and perfected through experience gained in over 25 years of involvement in motor sport.

Formula Medicine offers a package of medical and fitness assistance which is hard to match and even more so with the use of the innovative “Mental Economy Training ®”, for both amateurs and professionals, to improve their weaker aspects with particular reference to the management of performance anxiety and the ability to concentrate. The optimization of the mental resources achieved with the training done at Formula Medicine leads to a definite benefit, which can be objectively measured with numerous tests and the results clearly seen. This is particularly true in those disciplines in which, in addition to the physical element, a key role is played by mental aspects including attention, neuromuscular coordination and strategic capabilities. This has been confirmed by the results obtained with tennis players, sailors and fencers. Formula Medicine highlights the importance of this methodology for talented hopefuls in sport especially in the acceleration of their growth towards full “competitive maturity”, thanks mainly to a greater awareness of themselves and their own means.