Mental Service

The long research carried out by Formula Medicine in modern sport at the highest levels has clearly demonstrated the fundamental importance of mental aspects in the achievement of a great performance.
In the past talent was the only requirement and was all that was needed to excel. However the rapid evolution of technologies applied to sport has made everything so much more intense, to the point that now while that talent is still necessary it is not enough on its own and needs to be supported by careful work to optimize mental resources.
Society itself has followed a path parallel to that of sport, with resulting increases in competition, problems and insecurities that lead to real epidemics of anxiety and stress.
Formula Medicine’s innovative “Mental Economy Training®”, a program for the optimization of mental and psychic resources derived from 26 years of experience with leading Formula 1 drivers is now available to everyone.

Mental Tests and Training
  • Personality profiling and evaluation
  • Evaluation and training to enhance the ability to relax and for the management of anxiety and stress
  • Functional techniques
  • Evaluation and training of concentration and attention
  • Evaluation and training of mental performance
  • Evaluation and training of mental economy;
  • “Mental Economy Training®”