Mental Aspects

  • Mental check-up and program of action

    Formula Medicine’s Corporate Program is unique as it derives directly from experience gained in over 25 years in Formula 1 using the innovative “Mental Economy Training®” tested successfully with many drivers. The distinctive feature of this method is the objectification of character and personality traits which is a key factor in enabling managers and business people to acquire a full awareness of their strengths and weaknesses in the workplace and to then to create a personalized program aimed at optimizing their mental resources. After the initial study session a series of meetings of variable frequency are arranged with the goal of reaching an ideal psychophysical balance fundamental for achieving a state of well-being and a winning performance not only in sports but also in professional life.
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  • Workshop

    The workshop has been designed to offer a small group of managers and business people the opportunity to measure their own performance and compare themselves with others using “Mental Economy Training®”, a successful methodology developed and tested by Formula Medicine on successful sportspeople especially Formula 1 drivers. The purpose of these meetings, spread over two days, is not only to provide managers and business people with the basic tools to manage stress and to maximize their psychophysical resources but also how to be a team member. The distinctive feature of the workshop is the inclusion within the program of activities not only dedicated to optimizing the resources of the individual, but also of those targeted to group dynamics, as happens in “team building”.
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  • Team Building

    Many years of successful experience with leading Formula 1 teams has made Formula Medicine an innovative leader in the field of team building. Given that motor racing rewards only one person, whose result however depends on the work of a large team, Formula Medicine’s Team Building starts with the individual. Before a better group performance can be achieved, the first objective must be to maximize the performance of each member of the team as the resources put at the service of the group start from each individual component.
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  • In-company observation

    After the initial check-up, the "Mental Training for Corporate" program includes the possibility for a Formula Medicine member of staff to spend a day, or part of a day, with the manager or business person in their working environment.
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