Formula Medicine for Companies and Professionals

Health, as well as physical and mental wellbeing are the prerogatives required not only for athletes but also for managers and business people who every day are expected to perform to the highest levels and overcome the difficulties they encounter in the market. Formula Medicine has developed a series of proposals designed for the needs of companies and individuals aiming to provide a complete service including medical check-ups, programs to improve physical condition and specific mental training.
The latter, called “Mental Economy Training®”, is directly derived from scientific research conducted in collaboration with leading universities on Formula 1 drivers and is the key strength of Formula Medicine using of methodologies and tools which are absolutely unique and innovative and are able to be adapted perfectly to the needs of managers and business people.

While a Formula 1 driver is racing he is continually expected to be a clear thinking “decision maker” which is dependant on the ability to handle psychological pressure, stress, and to be able to optimize mental resources, as scientifically proven by Formula Medicine.

Also managers and business people in their fields must cope with demands similar to those of a driver and for this reason Formula Medicine has developed a version of “Mental Economy Training®” especially dedicated to the corporate world.