Check-up and Training Program

When a driver comes to Formula Medicine for the first time he undergoes a comprehensive check up in three areas, Medical, Mental and Fitness, or just the latter two in the event that the driver has already recently carried out all the specialized medical examinations. Formula Medicine, being a highly advanced centre for Sport’s Medicine, gives much attention to medical matters and differs from usual practice in motor sport where the main centres for driver training are just gymnasiums.

The check-up is the starting point in order to gain an understanding of the driver in all aspects, physical, character and medical following on from which the driver can pass to the next phase, The Training Program, tailored to the needs of each individual driver.

The Training Program consists of periodic meetings to monitor physical and mental condition and also serves to update the training log. During these sessions basic medical examinations are repeated in order to monitor fitness levels and prevent loss of form.

Within Formula Medicine’s medical department there is an area dedicated to physiotherapy and rehabilitation run by experienced professionals and provided with appropriate equipment for every need, including the futuristic body weight suspended treadmill essential for all those who have problems with their lower limbs of any entity.

Medical examinations
  • Medical history
  • Biochemical tests
  • Internal examinations
  • Cardiological examinations
  • Anthropometric tests and body composition including postural examination
  • Thematic meetings and exhibition of the results of medical and scientific research
  • Further examinations and tests if necessary.
Mental Tests and Training
  • Evaluation of personality profile
  • Evaluation/training to enhance the ability to relax and the management of anxiety and stress
  • Functional Techniques
  • Evaluation/Training of concentration and attention
  • Evaluation and performance Mental training
  • Evaluation/Training through Mental Economy Training ®
  • Sport specific mental training.
Fitness Tests and Training
  • Evaluation and training of stamina
  • Evaluation and training for sport-specific muscles for motor sport
  • Circuit training
  • Preventive and corrective exercises
  • Customized training programs.