Trackside assistance

Formula Medicine is able to deliver to the circuit an experienced professional to assist drivers and also team members when necessary.
With a wide experience in all three sectors, medical, mental and fitness, gained over many years of involvement in Formula Medicine, our professionals can deal with all aspects of Sports Medicine:

  • Massage and manipulation
  • Medical assistance and therapeutic intervention
  • Nutritional support for the choice of food types and timing of food intake
  • Choice of supplements, specific for each driver
  • Methods for the prevention of dehydration
  • Techniques for optimizing mental resources: focusing, imaging, psychophysical and neuromuscular activation
  • Relaxation techniques for managing performance anxiety and psychological pressure
  • Monitoring of the driver while driving for performance analysis

Training Camp

Formula Medicine has organized many training sessions, at altitude, by the sea, in Italy and abroad. Among the carmakers benefitting, or who have benefitted, from the organization of Formula Medicine’s Training Camps are, among others, Toyota, Renault, BMW and Nissan.
The locations of the camps are carefully chosen taking into account several factors, including the needs of teams and drivers, environmental conditions, suitable facilities for the training to be carried out and the transport logistics required to equip a small field laboratory. Over many years Formula Medicine has acquired mobile instrumentation in order to be able to perform in any place, most of the activities that are carried out at the headquarters. In this way physical and mental assessments can be made during the physical and mental training as well as being able to do some medical tests.
Among the locations used include St. Moritz and Pontresina in Switzerland, Marbella in Spain, Abu Dhabi in the UAE, Malindi in Kenya, Sestriere in Italy, and also Viareggio at the headquarters of Formula Medicine, optimal location for the completeness of the tools available and for its geographical position, close to the sea and the Apuan Alps.